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Kasey Lynn Sparadeo

Hey! I’m Kasey and I am an artist, designer, photographer, animator and much more.I am always communicating myself though visual arts. I am from Providence Rhode Island and work as a freelance multimedia artist. Music and feelings plays a big role in what I do and, as you can see, is a huge influence on all of my work.

I love creating new things, whether it be art, motion graphics, or music. If you are interested in any of my work, feel free to contact me. I’m a very approachable and open person, so please, don’t be shy!! If would like to view some more of my design work you can view at http://www.kaseysmind.com

Eric Jussaume

I have a passion for everything that is Graphic Design. I also love art, music, and sports. My favorite areas of design are animation, poster design, logo design and photography. When I design I like to brainstorm out many ideas then funnel them down to the best ones and that is same when Kasey and I design something for our clients.  I will create several designs and than hand them over to Kasey and see what she thinks and vice versa. Then we combine our ideas to come up the best designs for our clients. Kasey and I always strive to provide our clients with best designs with what ever we are creating for them. If would like to view some more of my design work you can view at http://ejstudios.net

Timely Support

Here at Optimum Studios we are here to provide you with timely support. Feel free to contact us via email or by phone anytime and we we’ll do our best to assist you.

Innovative Ideas

We strive to create innovative designs to meet your design needs. Whether its a logo, animation or website we do are best to imaginative, innovative and on the leading edge.

Advanced Technology

We use the latest and greatest technology to create our designs for our customers.

Clear Communication

At Optimum Studios we will do our best to have a clear line of communication with you get your design needs filled.

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